New year 2018-2019

Registrations for first communion and confirmation courses will be taken during the month of July. Please come into the office anywhere from Tuesday-Friday 9am-5pm to register

 These are the requirements to enroll:

  1. Minimum 8 years of age, for reconciliation, first communion, and confirmation.
  2. 2. Have your baptism certificate on hand.
  3. Parishioners of the church Pay a fee of $110.00 for the first child and $60 for the second child.
  4. Non- parishioners will pay a fee of $120 for the first child and $70 for the second child.

Other requirements: the parents of the children are to attend classes at the same time in a different classroom, and attend mass every Sunday without fail. The classes will be on Sundays from 9 am to 11 am. The duration is one year for first communion and a year for confirmation.

If older you’re 14 years and still in need of doing the first communion and confirmation, then you will receive the two sacraments in the same year.

 A reminder that this is only to register your son/daughter for Catechism. To become a member of the church you must come to the office and register. Thank you.