Schedule for the Novena for Our Lady of Guadalupe   

  1. Monday, December 3 at 7pm- Nocturnal Adoration
  2. Tuesday, December 4 at 7pm –Charismatic group
  3. Wednesday December 5 at 7pm- Communion and Confirmation Classes
  1. Thursday, December 6 at 7pm- Ministers of 11am mass  
  1. Friday, December at 7pm   – Ministers of 1pm mass
  1. Saturday, December 8 at 7pm– Ministers of 6pm mass
  1. Sunday, December 9 7pm- Young Adult Group
  2. Monday, December 10 7pm- Youth Group
  3. Tuesday, December 11 at 7pm – Communion and Confirmation Classes

Mass Schedule in Celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe

In honor Our Lady of Guadalupe, on December 11th there will be a 11pm mass followed by the Mañanitas at midnight. Afterwards join us for champurrado and Donuts. There will also be an English mass on December 12th at 7:45am and a 6:30pm bilingual mass followed by a folkloric dance performance!

Schedule for the Posadas

  1. Saturday, December 15 7pm –Nocturnal Adoration
  2. Sunday, December 16 6pm mass- Movimiento Familiar
  1. Monday December 17 6pm – Youth Group
  2. Tuesday, December 18 6pm – Charismatic Group
  3. Wednesday, December 19   – Communion and Confirmation Classes
  1. Thursday, December 20 6pm- Young Adult Group
  2. Friday, December 21 6pm- Missionaries of Charity
  3. Saturday, December 22 7pm- Ministers of 6pm mass
  1. Sunday, December 23 6pm– Ministers of 1pm mass 

Schedule for Confessions

We’ll be having confessions in the church on December 19 and 20 6:30pm.

Schedule for Christmas Mass

There will be a Christmas Eve mass in the evening on December 24 at 10:00pm. On Christmas day the mass will be held at 9am in English and 11am in Spanish.

Schedule for New Year’s Mass

There will be mass on January 1, 2019. The English mass will begin at 9am and the Spanish mass will begin at 11am.