In order to download the form just right hand click whichever form you’re trying to fill out, copy the link, and past the link in a new browser. Once you’ve completely filled out the form, stop by the office with correct documentation. In order to register a Baptism bring the record of Baptism form, the birth certificate of the child, and certificate of Confirmation if the Godparents are single or a Marriage certificate if the Godparents are married. Godparents must be married through the Catholic church.

For Quinceañeras make sure to fill out the Quinceañera form completely, stop by the office with the correct documentation. We’ll need the girls Confirmation certificate if she’s already completed her sacrament. Otherwise we ask that she be enrolled to complete her Confirmation prior the Quinceañera date. In order to reserve the date you must also pay the fee of $600.00, only 3 payments of $200.00 are accepted. The first 200.00 are necessary to reserve the date and are not refundable in case of cancellation or if you prefer to pay in one single payment the fee would be of $500.00. The fee does not include the chorus , flowers, etcetera and It’s only for the ceremony. Those who are not parishioners of the church the fee would be $800.00 and 4 payments of $200.00 are accepted. The first 200.00 are required to reserve the date (non-refundable in case of cancellation) or you can pay $700.00 in one single payment.