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Pint With a Priest

Engaging our culture with a beer in hand.

Pint with a Priest events are awesome opportunities to engage with your priest and the community around you. Father Brian will give a small talk on whatever topic might be on his mind that particular month, week, etc., and from there it’s all Q&A. He will answer any question brought to him on these nights, about anything. Check the calendar often to see when the next event is, and please bring your questions!

What's the Point?

The goal of Pint with a Priest is to engage the community, the culture, and our friends in a relaxed environment with a beer in hand. Many people have questions about the Church, her role, the role of priests, religious, laymen, politics, anything! And there are few opportunities to ask those questions directly, and that is why Father Brian would like to invite you to come and ask. He will answer to the best of his ability while providing a no-pressure environment.

If these nights are meant for engaging the community and our friends, then we ask you to invite your friends and family! You may know someone who has been asking these questions and can’t seem to find answers. That is what this event is for!

When is it?

Pint with a Priest has moved from Platte Park Brewing to McCaddon Hall underneath the Church at Our Lady of Lourdes! After Q&A there is time to hang out a socialize. The calendar will have the location for the next Pint with a Priest event.


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